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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Online Fraud

Hacked installed malware detected on website selling nobility titles

The Principality of Sealand is a small island nation in the North Sea and its government maintains and sells nobility titles such as ‘duke’,...

Ransomware attacks are spreading far and wide within India

 According to a new report, hackers are targeting senior citizens and middle aged people on apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Hackers are targeting...

GoDaddy data breach, over 1.2 million WordPress site owners affected

 GoDaddy is a giant internet infrastructure company which offers services to internet businesses. On November 22,2021 the company released a statement that a hacker...

Fake ransomware attacks target 300 WordPress websites

The security firm Sucuri found that hundreds of WordPress websites were targeted with ransomware attacks. These websites were defaced over the weekend with a...

Crypto finance company robbed of $55 million by hacker

bZx is a decentralised finance platform that lets its users conduct trade of cryptocurrencies. On Friday, the company released a statement that a hacker...