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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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 Hashtag Analysis: #ArrestAmanChopra

#ArrestAmanChopra is trending on Twitter after Aman Chopra, editor of News18 news channel gave a statement about the demolition of the temple in Alwar,...

#IndianMuslimGenocideAlert and IAMC’s anti-India agenda

On April 10, after the Ram Navami violence #IndianMuslimGenocideAlert trended on Twitter. Along with it #IndianMuslimsUnderAttack and #MuslimGenocideInIndia also trended on Twitter with this hashtag. Hundreds...

Hashtag Analysis: #DelhiRiots and the ignition of virtual communal war.

In totality from 2nd April to 18th April i.e. in 15 days, riots occurred in different parts of India in a very similar manner from Rajasthan,...

Trend Of #boycotthalalproducts And Increased Hate Against Muslims

Post-Hijab controversy another controversy about banning halal products has started trending on social media platforms. Many users started targeting companies like Himalaya, Haldiram, and...

Analysis of anti-India hashtags running in Kuwait.

The relations between India and Kuwait have been going on for centuries. India is one of Kuwait's top trading partners. Lakhs of Indian expatriates...