जून 19, 2024

Non-Partisanship Policy

Digital Forensics, Research and Analytics Center (D-FRAC) maintains a steadfast commitment to non-partisanship and unbiased fact-checking. We hold no political affiliations and diligently adhere to our core principle of impartiality in scrutinizing information across the entire political spectrum. Regardless of the source, we subject all claims to the same rigorous standards, consistently exposing misinformation and disinformation.

Our team members are selected based on their unwavering agreement with our non-partisanship policy. They are required to abstain from exhibiting bias towards any religion, political party, caste, group, or similar entities in their work. This extends beyond their professional capacity; staff are expected to refrain from engaging in policy matters or participating in political activities that could potentially compromise our organization’s reputation for objectivity. It is imperative for our team to avoid any actions that might be interpreted as taking sides or demonstrating bias.

DFRAC’s commitment to non-partisanship remains the cornerstone of our fact-checking and research efforts. We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of our work and ensuring that our organization is universally recognized as a reliable and unbiased source of information.