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Thursday, February 9, 2023

Ananaya Sharma


Exclusive articles:

Did Muslims try to disturb the Hindu rally in Maharashtra – Read Fact Check

A video is getting viral on social media sites showcasing two religious groups Hindus and Muslims chanting their respective religious slogans.  A user on Twitter...

No Ranbir Kapoor did not throw the phone of his Fan- Read Fact Check

A clip of a Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor actor posing with a boy for a selfie and then throwing away his phone is going viral...

South Asia Index: A Fake News and Propaganda Peddling Platform

Introduction: South Asia Index’s official Twitter page and website focuses on the economy, politics, diplomacy, defence, climate change & other matters of South Asia. Its...

No protest is held against BBC in London for releasing PM Modi’s Documentary- Read Fact Check

A recent release of a BBC Documentary that is on the Gujrat riots in the year 2002, is the new talk of the town...

Is RBI now planning to use photos of notes instead of Photos- Read Fact Check

A video shared on Instagram which is claiming that RBI is planning on issuing photos of notes instead of paper notes and coins in...