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Saturday, June 25, 2022


How to decipher truth when communal pot is on the boil?

From Communal riots in cities of several states on Ram Navami to Hanuman Jayanti clashes in Delhi’s Jahangirabad. From clashes in Gujarat’s Vadodara over...

Misinformation hits national security hard in post-truth era

Recently, the central government has issued instructions to block 35 YouTube channels, two Twitter accounts, two Instagram accounts, two websites and one Facebook account....

Keep emotions in check, demand answers to ‘The Kashmir Files’

Movies are not history. Nor are historical novels history. Several films have been made in the past based on historical references and incidents. But...

Lifting the mythical veil off shining Cryptocurrency avenues

News about the bitcoin price hike has been doing the rounds lately and it has made people wonder what exactly bitcoin is and the...

Russia-Ukraine conflict misinfo abundance leads to panic buying in India

We are living in an era which is called the information age. Information means knowledge or facts. But it is not necessary that every...