DFRAC has established collaborations with multiple other organizations to boost our combined influence and work towards our common objectives. DFRAC has collaborated with IFCN and Cofacts. The primary mission of these organizations is to combat the dissemination of false information and ensure the public receives accurate and trustworthy news.

International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN)

Following the guidelines set forth by IFCN, DFRAC consistently releases unbiased fact checks evaluating the veracity of claims made by well-known individuals and organizations, as well as assertions that are widely disseminated in text, graphic, and other media with an emphasis on issues of public interest. DFRAC became a verified signatory of IFCN in August 2022. 

United Nations (UNDGC)

In November 2023, DFRAC forged a partnership with the UN Department of Global Communication. This collaboration aims to synergize resources and materials, bolstering our commitment to delivering accurate and credible information to our audience. Through this alliance, we anticipate enhancing the quality and depth of information provided, further solidifying our dedication to truth and transparency.


In September 2023, DFRAC and Cofacts (Taiwan based Fact Checking Platform) came together in a collaborative effort to exchange knowledge, resources, and skills. The shared information will help the organizations in preventing the dissemination of false claims. This partnership was established to enhance their collective capabilities and address common objectives more effectively.


Inshorts (News in 60 words), an Indian news platform with over 10 million downloads, has partnered with DFRAC to deliver fact checks to the masses. This collaboration aims to ensure the dissemination of accurate information in the public domain, enhancing media literacy and combating misinformation.

Media Studies Group

The Media Studies Group, India, (MSGI) is a Delhi based think tank on media and communication studies. It is a society, registered under Societies Registration Act-1860. Led by Anil Chamadia, a leading media personality, scholar and academician, Media Studies Group is an initiative of journalists, thinkers and academicians of mass communications. Mass Media and Jan Media are the two magazines of MSGI which has a wide distribution of 6,000 copies monthly.

Kanzul Iman Magazine

DFRAC has collaborated with Kanzul Iman Monthly Magazine, which aimed at expanding the reach and impact of fact-checking initiatives. Kanzul Iman Monthly Magazine, known for its wide distribution of 35,000 copies, serves as a potent platform to disseminate accurate information and combat misinformation within its readership base