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Saturday, May 28, 2022

 A Report on username changing Accounts on Twitter

People often use usernames for their profiles to own a recognized account on Twitter. But sometimes the search for one username leads to no results. This may happen due to change in usernames of such profiles. In this exclusive report we have covered the username changing Accounts.

Twitter sees a lot of changes in usernames that can be due to different reasons like suiting a trending event, malicious intentions, or promoting a certain user name.

All user accounts have two things that are unique the first is the username whereas the second is the user Id. The first can be changed but the latter remains the same. And, no two accounts operating under the same user Id can be put into use altogether.

Why do people frequently change their usernames?

  1. People who want to gain more popularity tend to keep the username of a famous personality and later gain a specified number of traffic on their accounts. They change it to some other user name.
  2. People who tend to practice notorious and malicious activities on Twitter and want no one to know their real identity. Such Accounts mainly do explicit comments and to go away with this without any identity reveal they keep on changing the username frequently.
  3. To uplift a certain agenda of an ongoing event or issue.
  4. Some accounts are paid as in they sell their accounts after gathering a certain number of followers on that account.

In this report, we are going to take five such accounts that have changed their user name for any of the reasons mentioned above.

  1. (@DrManishINC) Netaji,is a Physician, Social Worker and Congress candidate 180 Sadar Assembly Rae Bareli .This account was initially Radhika Tiwari (@Kangana500).Her bio is promoting sanathan dharama. Mostly a girl in the display picture attracts more followers, hence once the account reached to a suitable number of followers the user name was changed to Dr. Manish Chauhan from Radhika Tiwari. Account courtesy : Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi
    Radhika Tiwari

    above is it’s achieve link.

    Twitter ID: 1464825647814033411

UserID: 1464825647814033411
Username: @DrManishINC

Username: @Kangana500


  1. Antagonist Pallavi Joshi of the famous movie “The Kashmir Files” too got trapped in this. An account initially named @isonalisingh was changed to (@ipallavijoshi) to give more fuel to already existing fire in whole of the country. With this the account started getting more followers too.
UserID: 1440703746065928205
Username: @isonalisingh Username: @ipallavijoshi


The director vivek aghiniotri too warned the people about this fake account in one of his tweets.

“Just for records, Pallavi Joshi is not on Twitter. If you come across any impersonation, please report. Thanks.” Reads the Tweet.

  1. An account after the name of akhilesh’s yadav daughter @tina_yadav__ which was active during elections is now changed to Rashmika Mandana @rashmika__fan_. The tweets are still the same from under this account with Grandpa and Dad’s tweets intact. Account courtesy : Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi


When we advanced searched on twitter, to know the accounts that mentioned @tina_yadav__ we found some accounts mentioning @rashmika__fan_.

This proves that both the ID’s are same but the user names are different.

4. The account initially operating under the name @realjitendra_1 is now active with the name of    famous veteran movie star Mukesh Khanna @TheMukesh_ who was the main lead in the famous show “shaktiman” with good number of followers on this account.(i.e. more than 16k) Account courtesy : Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi

User ID:  1469602516220321792
Username: @realjitendra_1 Username: @TheMukesh_


  1. Another account named Sophia (@Sophia_Trades) which was initially Sam Neeta Patel (@s_p123sm_) was having good amount of followers in that account (i.e.90k). Whenever one use to open any of the two accounts twitter sends a caution that reads, “This profile may include potentially sensitive content.”

According to the research DFRAC found that the initially account was having much explicit content in it whereas, now the content in the profile mainly consists of Crypto money and trading but still it comes under the same caution because of the same user ID.

UserID: 102834864019920880
Username: @Sophia_Trades Username:@ s_p123sm_

Above mentioned were some of the accounts of some well-known personalities, or on the name of well-known personalities to make their followers game strong.

DFRAC have also covered such reports initially too due to which twitter have noticed these accounts and took charges.

Such two accounts are provided below whi9ch have been suspended by twitter now:

 @ChinaPakWW and @Xinhua_88

dirty game


We have here debunked five such fake accounts who were working on the agenda of gaining followers and then changing username for a purpose. There are many more accounts like these that needs to be detected and analyzed.





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