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Another scripted video got viral with misleading claims

Content Creation has started becoming a profession in today’s time. They are made for entertainment but sometimes creators either cross the radar or audiences misinterpret and mislead the content. In the same manner, we got a video that is getting viral on all the social media platforms. The video is scripted, realistic, and has a disclaimer too. There are three people in the video but the main conversation is done between two young men, one is the owner of a mobile repair shop and the other one is the customer who is accusing the man of installing the app known as Jasoosi App and misusing it by taking out all the information of the customer’s phone. eg- their location, messages, photos being shared, call records, etc.

The story doesn’t end here, According to the video, the culprit is also blackmailing the girls for leaking their private chats and pictures. The narrator also showed how the application works.

Viral Video
Post of viral video


Impact of the video: The video got viral and is being shared on different social media platforms. People are posting warnings and red lights to stay alert before giving your phones in anyone’s hands, try to know about the owner and shop. In the shot, people are defaming all the mobile repairers and adding disgrace to their profession. People are also defaming the man who is playing the role of a shopkeeper.


People’s comments
People’s reaction


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Fact Check

The video has been scripted and posted as an act of social awareness, people are ignoring the disclaimer added in the middle of the video that clearly states that the video is made for entertainment purposes. People keep ignoring the disclaimer due to which the video has given a deceiving impact on the viewers.



Conclusion- Make sure to read the disclaimer of the video before taking any action. So the claim is misleading.