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Fact Check: Images from an Indian drama being used to show detention of PLA soldiers by the Indian Army

Last week, during a routine patrol of Indian Army close of Line of Actual Control near Yangtse in Tawang Sector, around 200 troops of China’s People’s Liberation Army entered into Indian territory leading to a face-off with the Indian Army, which was eventually resolved by the commanders at the local level.

The news went viral on social media platforms with fake images and misleading content. Not only in Indian social media but also in Chinese social media platform. Chinese social media released misleading photos of Galwan clash to show retaliation, as fact-checked by our team.

In India, most accounts on Twitter and Facebook circulated a picture showing Indian soldiers beating up Chinese troops with the claim that “Indian Army kidnapped 200 PLA soldiers in Tawang”.

Fact Check:

On performing reverse search of the viral image, it was found that the image is a still taken from the New Indian drama “Kalwan River Valley” which was being directed under Bollywood actor, Ajay Devgan.

Video of the shooting can be seen here. Behind the scenes of the film was published by Martial Arts Ladakh YouTube channel on December 3, 2020.

Hence, the above image used by various social media users to show the detention of 200 PLA soldiers by the Indian Army is fake.