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Fact-Check: Capt. Amarinder Singh removes ‘Congress’ from his bio, all of Indian media covers it

On September 30,2021, news websites reported that former Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh removed the word ‘Congress’ from his bio on Twitter.

Singh resigned in the middle of a very public battle within the Congress party.

This was reported by NDTV, Hindustan Times, Zee News, The Tribune & India TV


We went through old archives of Singh’s profile on Wayback Machine and and it turns out Singh never had Congress in his bio even when he was Chief Minister of Punjab.

Here is an archive of his profile on September 27,2021.

We also found an archive of his profile before he resigned from the post of chief minister and his bio still does not read Congress.

Since his bio never mentioned Congress , the claim made by all the different news media outlets that Singh dropped Congress from his bio is fake.