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Fact-Check: Did Goa administer the first dose of vaccine to 100% of the population?

On September 10,2021, the Chief Minister of Goa Dr. Pramod Sawant declared that Goa has now successfully vaccinated 100% of its population with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

With this claim, he also congratulated the healthcare workers of Goa and the image posted along with the claim features his picture as well as PM Modi’s.

The tweet has over 4,000 likes and PM Modi has also been tagged in the post.


As per the Unique Identification Authority of India the projected population of Goa for June,2021 is 12,06,821. However up till September 15,2021, Goa had only vaccinated 11,90,171 people as per COWIN data. This means that at least 16,000 have still not been vaccinated. The CM made the 100% vaccination claim on September 10, but the state kept administering the first dose and vaccinated more than 5,000 people with the first dose between September 11 and 14,2021.

Also, as per research, since anyone can take their dose anywhere in the country and their is no separate data for who is getting vaccinated out of their home state, it is difficult to say whether the ones vaccinated in any state belong to the state’s total vaccinated population.

Therefore the claim made by Dr. Sawant is misleading.