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Fact-Check: BJP workers Priti Gandhi and C T Ravi post yet another misleading video

On September 22,2021, BJP workers Priti Gandhi and C T Ravi shared a video of Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh cutting a cake together. They claimed that Singh was not even allowed to cut his own birthday cake. In the video, it can be seen that both Singh and Gandhi cut the cake and then Gandhi take the knife to cut pieces to distribute it to others.

Both Priti Gandhi and C T Ravi posted the video within minutes of each other. Both of their posts when combined together have over 1,00,000 views.


Upon reverse searching the key frames of the video, we found that the video was posted by several leading media channels such as NDTV and the Indian National Congress itself in 2018.

As per several reports as well as INC’s own caption, this was a video of both of them cutting the cake to commemorate the foundation day of Indian National Congress and definitely not the former PM’s birthday.

Therefore, this claim is misleading. We have previously fact checked Priti Gandhi for another misleading video she posted, you can read the report here.