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Fact Check: Will Samajwadi Party Form The Government In UP This Year?

This year is an election year in Uttar Pradesh. All the parties are busy endorsing their campaign. However, we can find many fake and misleading political claims on social media. One such post is getting viral on social media platforms claiming that during election year which ends with 2, the Samajwadi party forms the government. The post explains this trend through examples. It is written that SP came to power in 1992, 2002, and 2012. Therefore, they are also claiming that now in 2022 also, the SP will form the government in Uttar Pradesh. Because at the end of this year also, there is number ‘2’.

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On our Fact Check analysis, our team found that these claims are completely false and misleading. The SP formed the government in Uttar Pradesh in 1992 and 2002 is false. However, it is true that in 2012, SP formed the government in UP. Further, from the website of the Election Commission, we came to know that in 1992 there were no assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. After 1991, elections were held directly in 1993. Therefore,  it is clear that the claim of the Samajwadi Party coming to power in 1992 is completely baseless and misleading.