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FactCheck: The Situation Of UP Before And After 2017,As Claimed By SP. Know The Truth.

A post by the official Twitter handle of the Samajwadi party media cell is getting viral on social media. In the tweet, they compared the situation of Uttar Pradesh before 2017 and after 2017. Further, the Samajwadi Party Media cell explains the difference with the help of two pictures. The first picture is of a corporate office in which employees are working in a good environment. SP media cell is claiming that this was the situation of Uttar Pradesh before 2017. As a matter of fact, before 2017, SP was the ruling state party in UP. So this picture may be considered to glorify the SP rule. But, the second picture that is after 2017, shows the terrible condition of UP by showing Lathi charging by police on common people.

Fact Check

On our Fact Check analysis, our team tried to find the source of these two pictures. The first picture is not of Uttar Pradesh but is of Mumbai.

Link of the picture

The above picture is of Mofirst Solutions Pvt. office in Mumbai where software developers are working to develop an application.

Also, the second picture is of Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.

From the above tweet of Rahul Gandhi dated, Nov 3 , 2018.The third picture is the same picture which the Samajwadi party media cell  posted. This is the snap of  protest in Uttar Pradesh demanding proper recruitment of 68,500 assistant teachers in UP.

Hence, The claim done by Samajwadi Party media cell is fake and misleading.