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Analysis of #HaridwarHateAssembly/ Dharma Sansad & #HaridwarGenocidalMeet

‘Dharma Sansad’ or ‘haridwarhateassembly’, a big program of extremists of Hindutva organizations was organized on 17th and 19th December at Ved Niketan Ashram at Kharkhari, Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The three-day event saw an extraordinary form of anti-Muslim and anti-Christian sentiments. In which their leaders attempted to incite the majority community to take up arms against the Muslim community and kill them.

A big controversy has arisen after the video related to the program went viral. People strongly criticized the presence of BJP leaders in the program and the appeal for the genocide of Muslims. The saddest aspect of this entire controversy was that the police action was not that effective. That is why the opposition leaders have strongly criticized the state government as well as the police. The incident has also attracted the attention of the international media and well-known personalities. The international media criticized the incident and strongly condemned it.

Key points of the program

Viral Video Related To The Program…..

Annapurna Maa

• General Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha and Niranjani Akhara Mahamandaleshwar Annapurna said that Muslims will not be allowed to become Prime Minister in 2029. If we want to eliminate their population, then we are ready to kill them and if we kill 20 lakhs of them then we are victorious. Put down the copybook and take up the weapon in your hand.

Dharamdas Maharaj

Dharmadas Maharaj of Bihar can be heard saying that the future of Sanatan Dharma in Islamic India is our subject. 80 percent of the country is Hindu but India is becoming Islamic. Half of India has become Islamic. Where the green flag has been raised, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh is out of your hands and the rest 500 Pakistan have been made in the rest. India also has 500 Pakistan.

At least now where you can’t ring the bell… where you can’t take out aarti, puja, procession, religious procession and friends why this happened… when the PM of India speaks in the parliament that first on national resources Which is right That is the followers of Islam. When our PM said this in Parliament, when I had read it or not in the paper, I wish I would have been an MP and had a revolver in my hand and I would have become Nathuram and I would have put six bullets of my six in Manmohan Singh’s chest. . But I am just a common fakir.

Swami Prabodhannad

• Swami Prabodhanand, president of the Hindu Raksha Sena, can be heard saying that Haridwar is a Hindu Dharmanagari, a pilgrimage city. Christmas is celebrated in this city every year on 25th December. I said Christmas will not be celebrated. Eid will not be celebrated and the hoteliers who celebrate Christmas and Eid, save their mirrors. It is not our responsibility to save our hotel. I said you are doing unconstitutional work. We opposed you and your glass was broken, you know. But, certainly, this time Christmas will not be celebrated in Haridwar on 25th December.

Yati Narimanand

• Yeti Narasimhananda said that without taking up arms, no part of the earth can and has never survived. The economy of 40 crores is that of 40 crore people. You are 100 crores, you do not have children here. Financial power went to him. Hindu organizations are not updated. What I was listening to since the age of 9, today I have become old, only then there was talk of economic boycott. The same thing is going on even today, when will be updated and forget about swords. The sword is only going to be used for showing on the forums. The winner in the battle is the one whose weapons are stronger than the enemy. (1:02)

Sagar Sindhu Maharaj

• Sagar Sindhu Maharaj said that I say this again and again. A mobile phone of five thousand will also work, but at least you should have a weapon worth one lakh rupees, and whatever it is about swords, sticks, and sticks, it should be at least in the house at all times. If you go away with your weapon, then something should happen in the house that if someone comes, he should not go back alive.

Swami Parmanand Maharaj

• Swami Parmanand Maharaj said that Dharma cannot be protected without weapons. If you want to protect, the mobile should be of five thousand but the weapon should be of one lakh. Wear a false gold star, those with two hundred, two hundred and fifty, the weapon should be of one lakh. Only the one who resists survives.

BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay

• BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay said that it is a matter of shame that the Constitution has to be specially made in Hindi in saffron color in India. By law, this should always be the case.

Swami Prabodhanand

• Swami Prabodhanand said that there is no more delay, now the difference is either be ready to die yourself or be ready to kill, and there is no other option. Because there is no alternative. That’s why you have to carry out this cleanliness drive by taking up arms to the police here, to the leaders, to the army, to every Hindu, like Myanmar. Apart from this, there is no other option. 030

Sindhu Sagar

• Sindhu Sagar Swami said that there are still many villages where Muslims are few. So it becomes the duty of the rich person of that village where 10, 15, 20, 25, 50 people are Muslims, buy their property in that village at the maximum price, and drive them out of the village. The village will become Muslimless. Take recourse to constitutional remedies and I say, sir, all those who are with me, our brothers, I only call them brothers, but in the constitution, they are called SC/ST. So, my brother, at least 10 Muslims have been sent to jail by imposing a false section of SC/ST on them. I am telling the truth. If you can do something, brother. Annoy them very much. Force them to sell their house.

Speaker’s video

• The speaker said that everyone must carry weapons and weapons. So that he can destroy the unrighteous and the heretics. Look, these are the axes, this is to cut the necks of the heretics.

Sindhu Sagar’s video

• Sagar Sindhuraj Maharaj said that- I repeatedly say, save whomever you can. As soon as you go out from here, a notice should go inside the people. If the Hindu religion is accepted, then life can be saved, otherwise, these people can kill and drive us away from here like Myanmar. (25)

#HaridwarHateAssembly & #HaridwarGenocidalMeet Hashtag on Social Media


The #HaridwarHateAssembly & #HaridwarGenocidalMeet hashtags began on 22 December after the video surfaced on Twitter, which continued till 23 December. During this time there were more than 2,600 tweets and more than 500 retweets. During this, both the hashtags remained on top.


WordCloud shows that tweets with the hashtags #HaridwarHateAssembly, #HaridwarGenocidalMeet used the most words displayed in WordCloud.


Dharma Sansad

नीचे दिए गए ग्राफ़ से पता चलता है कि दोनों हैशटैग में @RahulGandhi को सबसे अधिक 97 बार मेंशन किया गया। उसके बाद @zoo_bear और @narendramodi को क्रमशः 84 और 72 बार मेंशन किया गया था।

Most Tweeted

Dharma Sansad

The graph below shows the users who tweeted and replied to people using these hashtags the most times. @LOC_bbk tweeted 30 times at most. After that @Nadiassay and @mskhan78610 tweeted 29 and 26 times respectively.

use of hashtags

Dharma Sansad

Along with #HaridwarHateAssembly and #HaridwarGenocidalMeet, social media users used many other hashtags, such as #ArrestHaridwarGenocideMongers, #haridwar, #ArrestBhagwaTerrorists, etc.

Verified Account :

Dharma Sansad
The verifiedplantthree-day hate-monger account tweeted on Dharma Sansad

Many verified handles also joined these hashtags. Who tweeted on these hashtags. Some of the verified accounts that have joined are @sagarikaghose, @asadowaisi, @thewire_in, @TamilTheHindu, etc.

Major opposition leaders demand action

After the video went viral on social media, leaders of many opposition parties of the country also using these two #HaridwarHateAssembly and #HaridwarGenocidalMeet hashtags questioned the intention of the BJP government of Uttarakhand and strongly criticized the police for not taking appropriate action.

Rahul Gandhi, the former president of the country’s largest opposition party Congress, took a jibe at the BJP in this matter and tweeted that Hindutvawadis always spread hatred and violence. Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Christian pay the price. but not anymore! #IndiaAgainstHindutva #HaridwarHateAssembly

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “It is highly condemnable that even after calling for the assassination of our honorable former Prime Minister and calling for violence against people from different communities, they should just survive.”

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted, “It is shameful that there is no arrests took place so far. Despite the video of provocative and inciting violence speeches at an event held in Haridwar, Uttarakhand from December 17 to 19 got viral.” The Prime Minister, Home Minister, and Chief Minister of Uttarakhand are sitting silently on this issue. In our country, some rogue elements are talking about killing people of a certain community but nobody took action against them. It seems that there the situation a of jungle raj in BJP ruled states. Wherever genocide took place in the world, there were similar provocations and speeches on which nobody took action.

All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) national spokesperson Saket Gokhale tweeted that I have lodged a complaint with SHO Jwalapur police station in Haridwar against #HaridwarHateAssembly held on 17-20 December at Ved Niketan Dham. govtgovt Judicial Magistrate will file a suit for not registering an FIR against the organizers and speakers within 24 hours.

CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yechury tweeted, “Hate speech inciting armed violence against minorities for 3 days is a gross violation of the Constitution and Universal Human Rights. Such an apology for spreading hatred is the hallmark of the BJP government. Arrest the criminals immediately.


These videos going viral on social media tried to create an atmosphere of fear not only among the Muslims of the country but also among the Christian community. Apart from this, they made every effort to provoke the Hindu majority society of the country. Moreover, they encourage violence against Muslims, their murder, their financial exclusion, etc. The working style of Uttarakhand Police was also under question in this whole matter.

Why did the Uttarakhand Police permit such an event?
Why was the Uttarakhand Police not aware of this program in advance?
How does the Intelligence Department of Uttarakhand Police know about this?
Why did Uttarakhand Police not take any action, taking Suo Moto cognizance of the program?
Why there is no arrest even after three FIRs?
Was the Uttarakhand Police avoiding taking action due to the links of the accused with the ruling party?

After the declaration of hatred in this  Dharm Sansad, India’s image has suffered a lot in the country and abroad. From social media to mainstream media, everyone is criticizing India and its law and order.