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Fact-Check: Times Magazine Did Not Claim Farmer Protest As The Largest Protest In Human History


A post is getting viral on the social media platforms in which it is claiming that times magazine has featured the Farmer Protest on its cover page and claimed it to be the largest protest in Human History. The viral post further states that 2021 was the year of farmers.

Here are some of the user handles who are spreading this fake news

Post by virendra Punia



Post by Nikhilesh Mishra


Post by Gurdwara “Sikh Cultural Society Inc.” Sangat


Virendra Punia along with his post wrote that “the World renowned Time magazine blessed itself by printing the holy picture of the farmers’ movement and stated the farmers’ protest as the biggest protest in the Human History.”

Nikhilesh Mishra has stated that “this protest is the biggest fight against capitalism which will inspire not only this generation but our upcoming generations also to fight against capitalism whenever it will attack the mankind. This protest will initiate a new revolution.

Sikh cultural society Inc. captioned this post as “Farmers’ victory recognised by Times Magazine


After doing our fact check analysis we found that this viral post is fake and misleading.

Times magazine did not feature any such picture on its cover page.


Covers by Times for the year 2021


In this regard our team searched about the times cover pages in the year 2021. We found no such post as regarding Farmers’ protest.

TIME’s post related to Farmers’ Protest


On our research analysis our team found that the only tweet related to Farmer’ Protest posted by the Times Group is in the above image.

Therefore, the viral post is totally fake. It shows the wicked intention of gaining publicity by spreading false news on a topic which is very close to the hearts of our farmers and common people.