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Fact Check: Rs 350 will be deducted from your bank for not voting

A newspaper clip is viral on social media since 28 Nov, 2021, on which it is written that “नहींदियावोटतोहबैंकअकाउंटसेकाटेंगे३५०रुपए”, which when translated means “If the vote is not given, then 350 rupees will be deducted from the bank account”.

Viral Newspaper Clipping

Many Twitterati posted the viral newspaper clip. Some of the accounts are Vaid Het Ram Suthar INC andDinesh Sharma (Vaishnav).

Tweet by Dinesh Sharma


Tweet by Vaid Het


The same news was even viral in 2019.

Fact Check:

On performing simple reverse image search of the above image, we came across a tweet of Spokesperson, Election Commission of India ,in which it is clearly specified that the above viral newspaper clip is fake.

Hence, the viral newspaper clip that Rs 350 would be deducted from the bank account, if vote is not given is fake and misleading.