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Fact-Check: Crowd of Muslims disrupting Hindu temple’s pooja in India?

In the last couple of weeks, a video of a group of people on the streets is going viral on Facebook. The mob on the street looks to be agitated. The posts’ caption read,”“Thousands of Muslims demonstrating to stop prayers at Kali temple in Kolkata. This is the same place where honourable saints have led prayers. Now these Muslims are demanding the closure of this temple. What is happening in our country? Where are we? Indians need to be woken up from their sleep and see what’s happening.” Implying that the mob of Muslims were attacking a Hindu temple. 

The video was posted many times over on Facebook. 

Video posted by user with the same claim



However, after performing a reverse image search on the key frames of the video, we found that a longer video was posted  by a Bangladeshi Media channel called JazaKallah Media. 

The video is captioned, “Clashes at Feni’s big mosque. This happened after the prayers. This clash involved Hindus and Muslims”.

 The event was also covered by local news in Feni which confirmed the fact that the incident happened in Bangladesh and not India. 

Therefore, this claim is misleading