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Fact-Check: Propaganda #FarmersWithModiji claims the Modi government never used force against Farmers. But is it really true?

After the 3 contentious farm laws were repealed, the people who participated in the year long protest celebrated that their hard work was successful. The farmer’s protest is known to be vehemently opposed to the policy. However, a seemingly odd hashtag began to go viral on Twitter. The hashtag labelled #FarmersWithModiji showed a completely different face of the farmers almost as if it was entirely fake. 

Within the hashtag, users claimed that Modi only wanted the benefit of the farmers but rather than staying true to himself unlike Indira Gandhi, he bowed down for the country’s sake. The hashtag also contained statements in support of the farm bills which is highly unusual. 

One of the claims here was that the Modi government never used force against the farmers during their year long protest as opposed to the Manmohan Singh government who shut down Baba Ramdev’s protest.


This claim is an outrightly false. We found numerous videos and reports of the farmer’s protest getting violent and the police lathi-charging on elderly farmer

There is also a video of Karnal’s District Magistrate instructing the police to “bash the farmers’ heads in”.  

More news coverage of Police using force

\With these videos and news coverage we can establish that the claim that the Modi government did not use force against the farmers is fake