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Fact-Check: BJP leaders use pictures of a dam in Andhra Pradesh to show progress in UP

As we have written previously, fake news and misleading information is being peddled by everyone as the UP elections are coming closer. A promotional poster regarding the construction of a dam in Bundelkhand is being posted by several prominent BJP leaders. 

The posts claim that a dam is being constructed in Bundelkhand by Yogi Adityanath’s government to show progress. 


Upon performing a reverse image search on the picture of the dam, we found that the picture was first used in an article by the Deccan Herald in 2014. The article was written about the new Srisailam Dam that was constructed in on the Krishna River in Andhra Pradesh. 

Same image used in the article

The image is definitely old and not representative of the dam being constructed in Bundelkhand. 

Therefore, this claim is misleading