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Fact-Check: Hate-mongering song created by Muslims for UP elections?

As the UP elections are coming closer, the amount of fake news circulating online regarding it is also increasing. Recently, a hate-mongering song seems to be going viral on social media. In this song it can be seen that the singer is talking about what will happen if Akhilesh Yadav comes into power. According to the song, once Yadav comes into power, all the saffron flags will be replaced with green flags and the India will essentially be a Muslim dominated nation. 

Users posted this hateful video claiming that this was a song made by Muslims and all Hindus should beware and not vote for the Samajwadi Party. 


Claim went viral on Facebook



However, upon closer inspection, the video has a phone number stamped on it of one “Sandeep Acharya”. We looked this name up and found a facebook page of the man with the same phone number. The page is followed by close to 1,00,000 people. We also did a reverse image search on the key frames of this video and found that the video was posted by Acharya himself on his Youtube page. The original video has been clipped and has been circulated online. 

Since the video is clearly owned by Sandeep Acharya, this claim is false