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Fact-Check: Woman in hospital bed misidentified as Poonam Pandey

As per recent reports, actress Poonam Pandey’s husband has been taken into custody for allegedly assaulting his wife. In relation to this news, a viral image began circulating online showing a woman lying injured on a hospital bed. Users online began claiming that the woman in the picture is Pandey and shared the picture along with taking jabs at her comments on Hindu religion and mocking her. 

The image has been shared on Facebook and Twitter both. 

Claim shared on Facebook


We performed a reverse image search on the picture and found that a video of the same victim was posted in 2018. The video states that the woman in the video is “Arsha Pandey” .

But we also found news reports on the same woman and as per Dainik Jagran the woman in the image is indeed ‘Arshi Pandey’. She was injured when a group of unidentified men entered her house in Halwani, Uttarakhand resulting in the death of her mother Poonam Pandey (not the actress) and their pet dog. 

Since the image used is not of Poonam Pandey, this claim is false.