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Fact-Check: Old image being used to depict recent Chennai floods

In the last week, Tamil Nadu has been experiencing very heavy rains leading to some districts including the city of Chennai getting flooded. Amidst this, many videos have been circulating online showing the condition of Chennai. 

An image of the flood was posted by S R Sekhar who is the Treasure of BJP Tamil Nadu depicting people lining up on a flooded street to get drinking water. 

The image has over 700 likes and has been retweeted over 500 times. 

Image posted by Sekhar


However, after performing a simple reverse image search, we found that the image was used in an article by Hindustan Times in 2017. The article used the image to show the floods that took place in Ahmedabad.


Image used in the 2017 article

Since the image is old and is not from Chennai, this claim is false.