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Fact-Check: Building in Taiwan lit up to celebrate Diwali?

Since the beginning of November, a video has been going viral on Facebook that claims that a building in Taiwan put on a fireworks show on the occasion of Diwali. 

The video posted shows a fantastic synchronised light and fireworks show of the building. The video has been posted by several users on Facebook with the same exact claim.


Claim posted by a page getting over 1000 views
The same claim was posted by multiple users

The claim was posted on Twitter as well.



We performed a keyframe search of the video along with some key words and found that many videos of the same building were posted in 2020. Various news reports of the same were found that confirmed that the fireworks display actually took place on New Years’ Eve 2020 and not diwali. 

Here is a video of the same fireworks posted by Taiwan News in 2020.


Since the video was taken on New Years’ Eve in 2020 and not Diwali, this claim is false.