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Fact-Check: Video from Bangladesh shared in connection with Pulwama Attack

On November 9,2021 a Twitter user going by the username @mauna_adiga posted a video of a smuggler getting caught. The user is followed by many high profile accounts such as Kapil Mishra, Aman Chopra and R K Singh and has over 30,000 followers as well. 

In the video it can be seen the police authorities are a person clad in a burqa to take it off revealing packages within. The packages are taped to the body of the man dressed in the burqa and for a second it looks like it could be explosive devices. 

The video has been shared along with the caption “Now don’t ask how the explosives came in Pulwama”. It has over 5,000 views as of now.


We broke the video down into key frames and performed reverse image searches until we landed on news reports and videos of the incident. As per various news reports by Bangaldeshi outlets, the incident actually took place in Bangladesh in March, 2021. The reports state that two individuals Mohammed Sagar (20) and Amena Begum (19) were caught smuggling alcohol. It must be noted that Bangladesh has strict rules for liquor consumption for which one must have a license. 

Here is the video posted by news channel Smile TV Bangla.

Since the video was taken in Bangladesh and had nothing to do with the Pulwama attack, this claim is fake.