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US to ban sale of hacking tools to Russia and China

The Commerce Department of US recently issued new rules and curbs on the sale and resale of hacking tools from the US to Russian and Chinese entities. 

These rules come after a lot of deliberation within the Department and taking expert opinion into account. The rule is aimed to encourage the cooperation between multi-continental companies to put their resources together to stop malicious attacks on servers and private individuals and at the same time put a curb on the sale of softwares that can be used to cause harm. 

The rule entails that anyone who wants to make a sale of such softwares must apply for a license at the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) before trying to make a sale of the objects. 

The new Commerce Department rule builds on other technology-related export controls the Biden administration has put in place in recent months. Back in March, the administration restricted the export of advanced semiconductors and encryption software to China and Russia on national security grounds. 

Then a month later, the administration attacked seven Chinese firms and government labs with U.S. export controls for helping China build supercomputers needed for the advancement of weaponry. 

The Department has given the common masses 45 days to comment on the new rulings post which they will tailor the rule to be more streamlined and make it final within a total of 90 days.