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Fact-Check: Video of massive protest in Tripura goes viral

Amidst the ongoing communal violence in Tripura, many videos and images have been circulating online to show just what is happening in the state. However, amongst these posts there is a lot of misinformation and fake news as well. On October 28, users began posting videos of a massive procession stating that this rally was taking place in Kadamtala, Tripura to protest against the violence. 


Upon performing a key word and key frame search on the video, we found that the same footage was posted in May,2021. The procession was actually a funeral procession Hazrat Abdul Hameed Mohammad Salimul Qadri in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh taken out on May 9 ,2021. 

Here is the original video:

Original video

Since there has been a surge of fake news related to Tripura, the police even issued statements warning citizens to beware of it. 

Since the video is not related to Tripura, this claim is false