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Fact-Check: CM Channi challenges Navjot Singh Sidhu to become CM and produce work?

On October 19,2021, Republic TV posted a news article on the ongoing political skirmishes within Punjab.

In the article, Republic TV claimed to have sources that told them that the new Chief Minister of Punjab, Charanjit  Singh Channi has challenged Navjot Singh Sidhu to step up as Chief Minister and produce work in 2 months. 

The article also quoted that Channi has said that he will step down from the post of CM as a challenge to Sidhu. Sidhu recently resigned from the post of President of INC Punjab after some political turmoil within the party but still continues to be a part of the party. Channi’s appointment came after Capt. Amrarinder Singh resigned as Chief minister after arguments within the party.


It must be noted that the article does not reveal who the source of this information is in any way and does not make use of the word ‘alleged’ while asserting these claims. 

The article caused quite a bit of confusion for its readers prompting Congress to release its own response. 

Congress vehemently denied the claims and questioned Republic’s competency that such a baseless claim was posted by them. We did some more searches online and did not find a credible source for such a claim. 

Therefore, this claim is fake. We have previously fact-checked Republic TV on many occasions. You can read the reports here