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Fact-Check: Hindu pandit puts Quran on Hindu idol. Image sparks nationwide violence in Bangladesh

Amidst the ongoing communal riots in Bangladesh, many images and videos are being shared online with fake claims. One such claim posted by multiple users suggested that a Hindu priest placed the Holy Quran on the leg of a Hindu deity thereby disrespecting the Quran. This particular picture is said to have caused the nationwide violence that occurred during Durga Puja. 


Upon performing a simple reverse image search with keywords, we found a news report by Dhaka Tribune on the matter. As per the report, the individual identified for this act is not a Hindu pandit but a man named Iqbal Hossain who was identified through CCTV footage and have been on the lookout for him. 

Since the claim that this was a Hindu pandit’s doing has been rebuked, this claim is false.