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Fact-Check: Interfaith marriage leads to bride’s death?

On October 6,2021, a graphic image of a woman on the ground along with a picture of a wedding card started to get circulated on Facebook and Twitter. Some posts included a picture of a girl posing as well.

People claimed that this girl’s name was ‘Prerna Vyas’ and she was killed after being lured into a ‘love jihad’ scheme. A lot of people claimed that her death was the ‘last stage of love jihad’.

The claim was also posted by a handle named @Apki_Lekhika who claims to be a journalist for Sudarshan News. Her post has since been deleted but we have an archive of it.


Upon looking at similar posts on twitter, we found that this claim has been in circulation since at least September 2020.

We individually reverse searched each image used in the posts beginning with the image of the woman on the ground.

We found a report done by DNA India on the issue but it was dated September 12,2018. The same image of the dead body is used in the article. According to the article, a man killed his own daughter for eloping with a boy of another faith in West Bengal.

Since we have established that the image of ‘dead body’ is old, we’ll now be looking at the image of the girl posing for the camera. Upon reverse searching the image on Google we found that the image is actually of a Tamil actress by the name of Sumaya. We found the same exact image on a movie website.

So the girl’s name is definitely not “Prerna Vyas”.

Thirdly, we reverse searched the wedding card photo but nothing substantial came up. However, the wedding card is dated 2019 which was after the murder of the woman in Bengal.

Wedding Card is dated 2019

Since we have a lot of facts before us which disprove the claim, we can call this claim as fake.