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Fact-Check: Facebook servers to shut down again for 7 days, says Mark Zuckerberg

On October 6,2021, a picture of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg’s status began to get posted by many people on Twitter and Facebook.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram  will shut down again for a period of seven days.

The post was shared by panicked individuals who wanted to confirm whether this was true or not.


We looked through Zuckerberg’s profile to see whether he had posted such a status or not but could not find anything at all.

On comparing Mark Zuckerberg’s earlier posts with the viral image that is claimed to be posted by Mark Zuckerberg.

Comparing Mark Zuckerberg’s Earlier post and viral post

It can be seen that in earlier post’s of Mark Zuckerberg, there is no mention of “Facebook for Android

In a Facebook post, likes icon and number of comments and shares icon is always aligned. But in Viral image, likes icon is above the number of share and comments icon. It is not according to Facebook alignment.

Also, the post claims that the outage will start from October 6 but nothing has happened since then.

Therefore, this claim is fake.