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Fact-Check: Copies of Dainik Jagran burnt after Lakhimpur incident

On October 3,2021, news of a major accident in UP’s Lakhimpur area went viral. Union Minister Ajay Mishra’s son allegedly ran over protesting farmers in the area, killing 4 of them. The incident claimed the lives of 8 people and caused a nationwide uproar against the minister and his son.

The incident was on all the front pages of the country including Dainik Jagran.

The front page of Dainik Jagran

It seems to be that the newspaper put the blame on the farmers instead of the man who drove over them. This is what caused people to take to social media to express their contempt on the situation and to criticize Dainik Jagran for its actions.

Amidst this, many started to claim that they were burning Dainik Jagran newspapers to show support for the former. What was peculiar was that everyone seemed to be using the same picture.

It is still being posted by multiple users as of when this report is being written.


Upon reverse searching the image on google, we found a fact-check report dated April 26,2020. In the report, Boom fact check images of newspapers being burnt to boycott media in India but however found that these images were taken when Samajwadi Party workers burnt copies of the paper because Dainik Jagran accidentally used the image of Akhilesh Yadav in an unrelated article about alcohol. The newspaper later apologized for the same.

Since the image is from a completely unrelated event, we can call this claim fake.