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Fact-Check: ‘Jio Aata’ goes viral on social media once again

Since about September 25,2021, an image of what looks like Jio branded wheat flour has been going viral on social media. Users have been claiming that Jio’s parent company Reliance, has been buying grains at Rs. 17 and then selling it at Rs.50 per kilo.

The claim has been going viral both on Twitter and Facebook.


Upon reverse searching the image on google, we found a fact-check on the image done by India Today in December,2020. As per the fact check and further searches conducted by us, the image first went viral in December 2020 with the same claim that is being used today.

The image therefore is definitely old. Additionally, India Today found that there are many local companies that use the name Jio to increase their brand value. This is substituted by the fact that nothing on Jio’s website suggests that they have started to sell grains and flours.

Since there are multiple companies that use Jio’s name to increase their value and Jio is not in the business of selling grains, this claim is false.