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Fact-Check: Jaipur turns into Kashmir?

On October 2,2021 users on Twitter started posting two videos of what looks like a crowd running on a street and throwing stones forward.

Users claimed the videos were taken in Jaipur and insinuated that Jaipur is turning into Kashmir, adding a communal spin to the video.

The videos were posted with similar captions on Twitter.


Upon reverse searching the claim on google, we found that the first video mentioned above was first posted with the similar claim as far back as 2017. We found Lallantop’s report on the video, debunking the claim and find out the video is actually from Lal Chowk,Srinagar.

As for the second video, we happened to spot a shop named ‘Rafiq & Co’ when we zoomed in on the image.

Rafiq & Co seen in the video

We then performed a simple google search to see if there was a store named Rafiq & Co in Jaipur but nothing came up. But when we typed in Rafiq & Co Srinagar, we found the shop mentioned here.

Since both these videos are from Srinagar and not Jaipur, we can call this claim fake.