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Fact-Check: #नाक_कटा_आया trends on twitter with Congress leaders tweeting misleading images

Since PM Modi has been on a visit to the US, many doctored and misleading images of protest against him are being used on social media. A hashtag used to criticize Modi’s trip called #नाक_कटा_आया  is also trending on twitter. The hashtag is being used not only by small accounts but also verified blue ticked accounts of Congress leaders. Between September 26 & 27, the total number of original tweets made were 2658 and 2157 respectively.

Here is a word cloud of the tweets written within this hashtag.

Word cloud of the hashtag.

Listing some of the fake accounts and tweets under the hashtag #नाक_कटा_आया  .

Claim 1:

Between the dates of September 24 & 27,2021 many users posted pictures of what looks like US citizens protesting Modi’s arrival in the country. The images used look like they have made a comparison between Modi and Adolf Hitler. The image of that comparison was also posted by Capt. Ajay Singh Yadav, a congress leader.

The image was posted multiple times by other handles using the same hashtag

But upon reverse searching the picture on google, we found that the image was first taken at the HowdyModi event where US citizens were protesting his visit.

Since the image is old, this claim is misleading.

Claim 2:

On September 26,2021 a parody account of Navjot Singh Siddhu posted an image of LK Advani wearing a vest that says ,” naak kata aya” signalling to Modi’s visit in the US, suggesting that he brought shame upon India.

The post currently has over 1,000 likes.

However, upon reverse searching the image on google, we found that the image itself was first posted by news articles in 2008 covering BJP’s protest against petrol hike.

Since the image is photo shopped, this claim is fake.