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Fact-Check: Sudarshan News journalist Rajat Mishra posts a misleading conversion video from Aligarh

On September 27,2021, Rajat Mishra, a journalist at Sudarshan News posted a video claiming that a Hindu to Muslim conversion was taking place in Aligarh.

In the caption, he claims that that the boy seen in the picture had been brainwashed into trying to convert other people from Hindu to Muslim. Being cognizant of the fact that the boy is underage, his face has been kept masked.

In the video, the boy can be seen talking to someone about how the person will not be going to heaven until he is Muslim. Upon being questioned why he wants Hindus to be converted to Islam, the boy does not seem to have a clear answer.

The video has been viewed 2,800 times and has 285 likes.


Owing to the serious nature of accusations made by Mishra, Aligarh police registered a case to find out more information about the video. As it turns out, both the boys in the video, both the person in the video and the one asking questions belong to the same religion. Since they are minors, they were not arrested.

Since both the boys were of the same religion, therefore the claim made by Rajat Mishra is misleading. We have previously fact checked many claims made by Sudarshan News. You can read them here and here. We have also analyzed in two separate reports how Sudarshan News uses communal hate to gain more traction. You can read the analyses here and here.