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Fact-Check: Video of man accepting the ways of Taliban is not from Uttar Pradesh

Recently, a video of a man calling himself Mufti was posted multiple times on Facebook and twitter. Users claimed this video to be from Uttar Pradesh and the same caption was used,”बिजली चोरी करूंगा !! नहींं मानूंगा!!मरूंगा या मारूंगा ये तालिबान तो देश के भीतर ही पैदा हो रहा है”.

The video was posted by hundreds of handles on both the social media platforms .

बिजली चोरी करूंगा !! नहींं मानूंगा!! … मरूंगा या मारूंगा।।😢।। ये तालिबान तो देश के भीतर ही पैदा हो रहा है

(Video posted by multiple handles on Twitter)

Same Video with similar caption posted on Facebook .

Fact-Check: Upon reverse searching the key frames of this video, we found that video was posted by a Pakistani page titled ‘Government Employees’ on July 3, 2021  with the caption in Urdu. The caption reads,” If I am a mufti, I will steal electricity and if anyone stops me, I will kill him”.

Post link – Government Employees

Same video was posted by ARY News’ official Facebook page, on 28 July 2020 .

Post link – ماروں گا یا مرجاوٗگا، کنڈا ہٹانے نہیں دوں گا

Therefore the claim that this video is from India is false and misleading.