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Fact-Check: No, Bill Gates has not called for the withdrawal of COVID-19  vaccines

On August 29, 2021, Daily Expose UK posted what seemed like a satirical piece on how Bill Gates has called for the withdrawal of all COVID-19 vaccines.

The piece has quotes from Bill Gates on the efficacy of the vaccines and even talked about his alleged relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

The article was mainly focused on putting together various claims made by COVID-19 deniers and anti-vax populations as something that Gates would say.

Article on Daily Expose’s website

Subsequently, this piece was questioned by many as to whether this was valid or not. Many believe in what Bill Gates says as he is a man of science. But this piece seemed to show a diametrically opposite side of him.

Many asked for fact checkers to check the claims made by this piece.

People asking for fact-checks


As per all sources online about Bill Gates’ stand on vaccines has nothing but positive and has been on multiple occasions seen advocating for them. The televised speech as per the report does not exist.

Because enough people thought this was true, the Daily Expose later issued an apology and marked its article as “satire”.

The Daily Expose’s apology.

Therefore this claim is Fake. The Daily Expose was very irresponsible to post such an article in the world of massive loads of misinformation without letting everyone know their intentions.