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Fact-Check: Viral image of a woman pilot being stoned to death in Afghanistan

In the last couple of days, there is a growing concern for women and women’s rights in Afghanistan since the Taliban has seized control of the country.

Many images and videos are going viral which is understandable because this is a developing situation and Afghanistan is extensively on the news 24/7.

Recently, a graphic image of a woman is being shared on social media  claiming that her name is Safiya Firozi, who was one of the 4 Afghan female pilots and was stoned to death.

This claim was first posted by Eugene Sangat Sagar and was then widely shared on all social media platforms. Eugene however has now deleted the tweet.

Original tweet and claim
Image goes viral on Facebook


We reverse searched the image and found that this image is from 2015 when a woman named Farkhunda Malikzada was lynched for allegedly burning pages of the Quran.

This had been reported by many outlets.

A report on the lynching by Belfast Child


This claim is therefore false.