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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Fake information about filmmaker Satyajit Ray goes viral on social media

Misleading information about famous filmmaker Satyajit Ray is going viral on social media. Social media users are sharing a photo. It is seen in this photo that a man is posing with a car. Social media users claim that this photo is of Satyajit Ray, who is posing with an Aston Martin car. This photo was taken in 1953.

Sharing the photo, a Facebook user wrote – “Before Bond / 1953”

Fact Check:

By Reverse image search on Google DFRAC found a picture from Getty Images. The picture is not of Satyajit Ray but of Dollywood actor Sean Connery, which was taken in 1964.

At the same time, this picture has also been posted in a photo gallery of


This fact check proves that the claim being made by social media users is false and misleading, as the photo is not of Satyajit Ray but of Hollywood actor Sean Connery.

Claim- Satyajit Ray’s photo was taken in 1953

Claimant- Social media users

Fact Check – Misleading

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