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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mapping #Muskan: A protest amplified by Pakistan

Muskan, an 18-year-old college girl became the heated topic of discussion on Twitter and other social media sites overnight. Moreover, #Muskan and other related hashtags are the most trending Hashtags these days. Many national and international personalities and firms had shared their opinion on the topic. In our report ­#HijabRow – A Row of Communalism, we have covered the ongoing controversy regarding Hijab. Furthermore, in this exclusive report on Muskan, we will tell the readers the genesis of the ongoing controversy and who is involved to amplify the same.

The Start of The #Muskan Controversy

This incident took place at the government PU college in UDUPI, Karnataka. PU college banned the students wearing Hijab to attend the classes.

Meanwhile, a video got viral on the internet. In the video, a girl was wearing a hijab parking her scooty and walking along. And, then some men started heckling her and started shouting the slogan of “Jai Shri Ram.” In response, the Hijab girl identified as Muskan started shouting the slogan of Allah hu Akbar. Some people are describing it as the supreme act of bravery. After this, there was fierce politics on this issue.

Stream Of Fake News On Muskan

There are many false and misleading news spread over the internet on Muskan. Such as Salman Khan-Aamir Khan and Turkey gave a rewardis  to hijab girl Muskan. Further, many fake pictures of her got viral. Moreover, There was a  girl with Rahul Gandhi. People claim she is the same girl involved in the HijabRow controversy in Karnataka. DFRAC has already covered many fake news on Muskan.

Muskan On Social Media

Twitter was flooded with many Tweets related to the hijab controversy and Muskan. Many famous personalities came out in her support.


Soon, the battle between college authorities who were imposing dress code and the student who are adamant to wear Hijab went to the High court. A hearing on this matter is pending but the issue soon caught high flames on social media. Moreover, we can see many different narratives of this incident. Some are relating it to feminism while others are describing this as a matter of freedom of practicing one’s religion. Meanwhile, some people are taking the advantage of the ongoing heated controversy to promote their propaganda.  In this exclusive report, we will show some of these accounts and how they are fooling the common people.

Accounts Creation Timeline

In this section, we can see the time of the creation of accounts that interacted with the hashtag to add more fuel to the controversy. According to the data, there are more than 125 new accounts created for this hashtag on 9th Feb 2022, just when the hashtag was at its peak.

Many Muskans On Twitter

Surprisingly, we cannot find the real Muskan on the Twitter. But, we did find many fake Muskan tweeting regarding the ongoing Hijab Protest and working on their different agenda.

1) @muskanind3467

The account AmanTweets60 changed to @muskanind3467. And, after that, this account tweeted as many false and misleading tweets as it can. As we can see below, in one of the tweets this fake account have thanked the Taliban, and in another, it had thanked Khalistan. The account has also posted a tweet mentioning Jinnah. Furthermore, the previous location of this account was Pakistan.







2) @muskankhan_0786


This user joined Twitter in December 2019. Very cleverly, it had deleted all its tweets before the 8th of February, 2022, the day on which this protest starts. After that, started tweeting all about the Hijab protest.



Similarly, there are many other fake accounts by the name of Muskan like @muskankhan_0786, @musk_a_n, @muskan1O, @MuskanKhanbibi, and many more.

(Credit: Ajayendra Urmila Tripathi)


The timeline shows how this hashtag started on the 8th of Feb with more than 400 tweets and was in peak on the 9th Feb with more than 11,500 tweets.


Accounts Interacted the most

Below graph shows who were the accounts that interacted the most with the hashtags. @SofikulRng interacted with over 40 times followed by @khawar_0fficial, @RealUsamaJ, @krakkistaaan with more than 35 tweets each. The top five accounts that interacted the most with the hashtag are from Pakistan.

Hashtags Used

Along with the #Muskan hashtag, there were other hashtags too running. Example- #allahuakbar, #MuslimGirls, #HijabRow, #Sherni, etc.

Accounts Mentioned

The graph shows who were the accounts that were mentioned or tagged with the hashtag #Muskan. Accounts that got mostly tagged include, @Malala, @ImranKhanPTI, @nshuklaindia, @narendramodi, etc.

Users Location

The geographical map shows the rush coming from different countries on this hashtag. The maximum number of users who tweeted on this hashtag were from Pakistan, with more than 3000 users tweeting on the topic. Then, second is India with more than 1000 users, and the USA with 80+ users. Pakistani tweets were roughly three times more than India’s. Hence, we can measure the contribution of our neighbor Pakistan to expand the ongoing social media trend.

Moreover, history is the proof of this old habit of our neighbor Pakistan to play dirty tricks to defame India and distract common people from the problems on their land. This time also they are doing the same.

Many imposters in Pakistan are misleading people in many ways. For example, an account named Hira Yusuf(@PapaPrinces4). This account changed its username to @JosieWilliam and then to @JosieTourist.

Profile Screenshot of @JosieTourist



Profile Screenshot of @JosieWilliam

@JosieWilliam posting on #Muskan

Involvement of Verified Accounts.

Many verified users tweeted on this hashtag. The graph below shows who were the most popular accounts on Twitter that tweeted on the hashtag.

On our analysis, we got more than  45 verified Pakistani accounts such as @mubasherlucman, @Rabipirzada, @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL, @geonews_urdu, @DunyaNews, @zartajgulwazir, @NaziaMemon01, @NazBaloch_@hansbadvi, etc.



That is to say, Pakistan and many other international forces have done a lot to give heat in the ongoing HijabRow controversy.

Moreover, as per Article 14 of our constitution equality is the fundamental right of everyone residing in the state. In the same vein, Articles 25 to 28 provides freedom of religion. We all need to understand how important is this to keep our democratic system strong and transparent.  As we all are protected by our constitution.

Therefore, we need to understand how some internal and external powers are trying to disturb the peace and harmony of the country to fulfill their wicked agenda. All these dirty tricks defame India on the international forum and disturb the internal peace of India.

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