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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fact Check: Did the Pakistani drone kill two Indians in a drone attack?

A picture went viral on various social media platforms claiming a drone attack on the Abu Dhabi International airports which killed 2 Indians out of the 3 present there. It was further stated that the Drone technology was created by China which was later transferred to Pakistan, to which these Pakistani terrorists have transferred to Houthi.

This picture claims a threat to Indian citizen and their lives and is circulated all over the internet.


After our fact check analysis we found out that this picture is actually of an Emirates flight, onboarding 300 people, crash landing in Dubai main airport this Wednesday. It was further found that as many as 226 people out of 300 were Indians who on boarded the flight. The report claims no casualties of any of the passengers in the flight and all of them has been safe evacuated.

The time of the incident was also further provided by the Emirates which was 3rd of August 2016 at time 12:45. The Times of India and Arab News also made a report on this.

Post of Times of India
Arab News


With digging into the resources and different news sources this is clear that the picture is of Emirates airplane crash and not of a drone from Pakistan, hence proving this picture getting viral on social media a total fake.

Claim Review: Misleading picture got viral claiming a drone attack which killed 2 Indians.

Claim by: Diganta701 and Rajkumar_scb on Twitter.

Fact Check: Fake and Misleading

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DFRAC Editor
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