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Fact-Check: Girls Consuming Alcohol Is Not a Real Video but A Scripted Act

Recently, a video has got viral on social media platforms where two girls are seen consuming liquor in public and arguing with a man.

More than 40,000 users have seen this video and is re-tweeted by more than 430 times. “Congratulations @ArvindKejriwal for making Delhi liquor capital” – read the post.

After this video got viral, people started criticizing Delhi CM and Aam Aadmi Party, believing this video to be true and how future women empowerment model of Punjab and Delhi looks like.

Fake Check

After going through a fact check analysis by our team, we found out this video to be false and misleading. We can notice a disclaimer in the viral video at 1:07 minutes.

The disclaimer in the video reads “The video is for entertainment and promotional purposes only. It falls under fair use law. We do not wish to make any commercial use. All the contents are intended to showcase the creativity of the artist involved and strictly done for the promotional purpose (sic).”

FB Post

We found this video in a Facebook page ‘Thakur Prank’. Thakur who posted this video also explains that it was all scripted and the girls were only acting in the video. He also mentioned that the girls were not consuming alcohol.

Therefore, we can clearly say that this video is false and misleading, it is not an actual video but a scripted act shot.