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Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Hashtag Scanner: Analysis of hatred and communalism being spread by Jaipur Dialogues

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Jaipur Dialogues Forum is a Non Profit Organization (NGO) registered as a Think Tank under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. The NGO’s registration was done on 24-11-2016 its registration number is U85300RJ2016NPL056428 . The Jaipur Dialogues Forum is chaired by Sanjay Dixit, Secretary Pankaj Joshi and Treasurer Prakash Tekwani. The NGO claims that it works on how to project India’s talent across the world . In contrast to what NGOs do, Jaipur Dialogues mainly focuses on spreading hatred against Muslims .

  • Hatred against Muslims on social media

Jaipur Dialogues Forum works contrary to the claim made in registration, especially on social media, to stimulate inflammatory and the majority community against Muslims on Twitter. Their main motive is to spread hatred between the two communities and create disharmony.

Here are some tweets:


Tweet – 1

Tweet – 2

Tweet – 3



Tweet – 4

Tweet – 5

Tweet – 6





Retweet – 1

Retweet – 2

  • Hate against muslims on website

Jaipur Dialogues Forum is spreading hatred against Muslim community not only on social media but also through its website. There are many such articles on the website . In which the meaning of Quran and Hadith has been misinterpreted.

1. सूफी परंपरा: सैयदवाद का पोषक

2. Hindu Temples vs Masjids

3. Intolerant Minority vs Tolerant Majority : The Kamsa-Ugrasena Example 4. Some Selected Hadis, i.e. Traditions of the Prophet



In the above articles, the Quran , Hadith and Islamic history were presented in a twisted manner. By reading this, a misconception is being created in the majority and other communities against Islam and the Muslim community.

Data Analysis of Jaipur Dialogues

  • Post timeline:

The timeline graph shows that Jaipur Dialogues’ account has been highly active in postings , with over 55 posts on 2nd December.

  • Mentions and Tagged Accounts

The graph below shows accounts that have been highly tagged or mentioned by Jaipur Dialogues. In which Sanjay Dixit was tagged the most 511 times , followed by Jaipur Dialogues , Vajja and TufailChaturve were tagged 249 , 95 and 47 times respectively.

  • Use of Hashtags

Below are the hashtags reported by Jaipur Dialogues and the number of times it has been used. #tjd 21 is the most used event which is the event of Jaipur Dialogues 2021 , followed by #AryanKhan and #taliban.

  • Followers:

With a total of over 64,000 followers , Jaipur Dialogues has a huge array of accounts that follow them. Here are the top 25 followers of Jaipur Dialogues.

The verified followers of Jaipur Dialogues include PC MohanMP , Neelkantbakshi , Ashish Singh News and Yogesh Mishra.

  • Quoted Users

This graph shows the users that were mentioned the maximum number of times. Jaipur Dialogues got itself mentioned more than 60 times , followed by ANI 19 times and Khan Arfa 12 times.

  • Most liked tweets

Here are some of their most liked tweets:

Tweet – 1



Tweet -2 


Tweet – 3 


Tweet -4 



Tweet – 5



Tweet – 6


  • Retweets from account

The graph below shows which accounts were retweeted the most by Jaipur Dialogues. Sanjay Dixit’s tweets were retweeted the most by Jaipur Dialogues , Sanjay Dixit is the Chairman of Jaipur Dialogues. His tweet was re-tweeted 122 times. VJjha and Abhas 24 tweets were also retweeted 33 and 30 times respectively.

  1. Network:

Below is the network graph of Jaipur dialogues, in which 1 , are connected over 100 people , this graph tells about those interacted with the account.

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DFRAC Editor
DFRAC Editor
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