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Fact Check- Misleading video of Faridabad shared with communal angle by a Pakistani handle

A video has got viral on social media platform Twitter which was shared by a Pakistani handle QurbanAly4. The handle claimed the video to be of Kashmir while mentioning #SolidariTea4Kashmir in the tweet. The handle also blamed India for cruelty against its minorities.

The tweet reads – ‘And this is India on Daily basis against minorities. It is shameful that US, Human rights orgs and Western media are keeping a blind eye for their own business benefits:’

This video was shared a lot and was views by almost 90,000 users across twitter.

Fact Check:

After going through the fact check analysis by our team, we got to know that this video is misleading. This video is not from Kashmir but from Faridabad on the outskirts of Delhi on 6th December, 2021. The victim and the accused are all Hindus and the incident happened over personal rivalry.

India Today and Times Now Hindi also reported this incident on December 6th. As mentioned in the official press release of Haryana police, this attack was in revenge.

Therefore, it clearly states that the video is not from Kashmir but Faridabad and Pakistani accounts like QurbanAly4 share such videos to spread communal hatred and violence. Thus, we can say that this claim of him is misleading.