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Fact Check: Heinous video from Bangladesh is going viral in Kuwait as communal violence in India

Mejbel Al Sharika, a well-known Kuwaiti social activist and Director of the Center for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law has posted a video from his twitter account @MJALSHRIKA, having 185K Followers on 30th Oct, 2021 in which two men are seen harshly beating a person lying on ground.

This video has been uploaded with the statement that “Where is the Arab & Muslim world ? Shall we still continue business as usual with the genocidal Hindu regime of India? Shall we allow them to kill our Muslim brothers and sisters with impunity? What’s wrong with the deaf and dumb Ummah ?” which shows that the account claims that this incident has happened in India and the video is of communal violence. This account even questions the people of Kuwait whether they should continue its business with Indians, who kill their Muslim brothers and sisters?

This tweet has 1115 Retweets, 160 Quote tweets and 1572 Likes.

Fact Check:

On searching the frames of the video on google, it was found that this video is of May 21, 2021 from Bangladesh and not from India.

Video uploaded by News24

On digging deep into the case, it was found that the people who killed the person lying on ground were from same religion and they killed him because of his land dispute with former lawmaker M A Awal from Lakshmipur-1 constituency, Chittagong Division, Bangladesh. Hence, the above claim by @MJALSHRIKA is misleading.