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Fact-Check: BJP uses footage from Los Angeles to show development in PM Modi’s Birthday Video

On September 17,2021, the official twitter handle of BJP India posted a video commemorating Prime Minister Modi’s birthday. The video details all the various developments made under the Modi government.

At the 2:24 mark of the video, the video shows a couple of high rise buildings lighting up. These buildings look extremely modern and were used to show the infrastructural development done by PM Modi.

The video has over 95,000 views and has been retweeted 2,500 times.


Upon reverse searching the frames of this footage, we found that the footage of the building is actually footage from a 2011 timelapse of Los Angeles, USA by Matt Givot.

The footage is a frame-for-frame match of the footage used in BJP’s video. Therefore, the claim made by BJP that Modi’s government constructed these building is false and misleading.