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Any and every video given a communal angle goes viral on social media

On July 25, a Facebook page called “Gomata Gau Seva Trust” posted a video of a buffalo running away and then eventually being shot by a group of people.

The video has a staggering 2,00,000 views on Facebook and has been liked by 1,400 people and shared by the same number. The caption of the video suggests that when weapons can be drawn to kill a buffalo like this, no matter where this video may be from, all Hindus must unite and create a Hindu Rashtra there.

Archive link of the above

The comment section of the video is filled with messages of hate against the Muslim community without even knowing where the video is from. Most comments on the video talk about how Hindus must come together and stop this wrongdoing no matter where it is.

It must be noted that the page Gomata Gau Seva Trust is verified with a blue tick on Facebook and about 50,00,000 people follow the page. 

Deliberate message of hate and complete disregard for other cultures

We reverse searched the key frames of the video to find out where it is from. We found that the video was taken in Pakistan where a buffalo ran away from a sacrificial ritual. The buffalo was seen running in Karachi University compound after getting agitated by the crowd and noise. The animal was eventually shot in order to prevent further chaos. Some news outlets from Pakistan also reported on the incident.

Samaa’s report of the incident

Nine men were reportedly arrested after the incident. However, the narrative we’d like to highlight is that of the Gau Rakshak page. The page seems to suggest that slaughter of a cow or a buffalo that may not be taking place in India must also be stopped because it goes against their own religion. The page basically calls for every region ever to be turned into a Hindu rashtra so that their own sentiments are never hurt.

This kind of intolerance is disgraceful and reflects very poorly on the mindsets of those who agree with their statement. It is baffling to think in the comment section even when someone pointed out that this video is from Pakistan, others jumped on him to say that no matter where it is happening, it is wrong.

Another strange fact is that even though the video has such a clear message of hate, the page still continues to be verified by Facebook and has not been taken down either.

Videos such as this are a bad reflection of a country that claims to be secular and such content is what drives a sword between different communities. The purpose of this video is just to spread a message of hate and intolerance.