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Fact-Check: Renowned journalist changes complete appearance within 24 hours of Taliban occupation

The Taliban has taken control of almost all the provinces of Afghanistan including Kabul. While nobody knows the exact extent of what seems to be happening inside the country at the moment, some brave reporters and journalists from all around the world are still bringing out the news to the entire world. Clarissa Ward, an award winning International journalist who reports for CNN USA is no stranger to Taliban law. She was the first person representing the western media to interview Taliban members and explore the ways of life of the organisation.

Recently, reports and images of Ward went viral on social media that showed the difference in her appearance within 24 hours of the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

The first image shows Ward without a headscarf or abaya but the next image shows her in a full abaya.


While it assumed that rules have gotten stricter with the Taliban’s takeover of the country. Ward herself clarifies that the change in her clothes were not so stark to begin with. She used to only step out into the streets with a headscarf. She also says that the change in her appearance had not been as stark as viewed in the two images.

Clarissa Ward Tweet

This claim is therefore misleading.