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Fact-Check: Indian Army soldier catches a terrorist in a cinematic way. True or False?

A few days ago, a video started to make rounds on social media of a law enforcement officer catching an assailant in a seemingly cinematic manner. The police vehicle can be seen knocking a bike over and then a police officer is seen jumping over the car and pouncing on the criminal. This video was claimed by many to be a scene in Kashmir where an Indian Army jawan heroically caught a terrorist.

Video shared on Facebook


The police car used in the video does not belong to the fleet of cars used by Indian police and the Indian army. Upon reverse searching the frames of this video, we found that this video was actually taken in Perola, Brazil on August 1, 2021. It is a video of the Brazilian police who caught a 17 year old boy trying to escape after committing a crime. Several Brazilian news outlets have reported on the incident. T